company overview

Sterling International Consulting Group is a powerful consulting resource both in the US and international including Netherlands, the UK and parts of eastern Europe. In our over 30 year history, we have always been on the front end of technology with a keen understanding of business goals and strategy.

We’ve have always established excellent relationships with both our clients and the major players we provide services to. In many cases, we have been brought in specifically for our ability to work with clients and provide extensive forward facing communication and trust.

One of the many ways in which we’ve maintained our successful track record is our emphasis on knowledge transfer at all levels including management consulting, business analysis and technical instruction. We’ve had many repeat clients and have often been retained when individuals move on to other firms.

We truly believe we have always left our clients with more than they asked for and to date, they’ve always agreed.

SICG continues to instill loyalty and trust with our clients. Our broad range of expertise in manufacturing, logistics, finance, aerospace, industrial services, professional services and legal services enables us to provide a unique perspective to all of our clients.

our mission

SICG’s mission has always been to provide value and broad based expertise, even when outside of expectations. Our goals:

  • Provide direct services with the smallest teams possible, even if a single individual
  • Always provide excellent communication
  • Provide direct knowledge transfer to all parts of any organization
  • Work with management to directly understand capabilities and expectations
  • Minimize expense without sacrificing quality
  • Ensure satisfaction across the board

how we work

SICG provides direct services to our clients and as a liaison and advisor to other consulting firms. We generally provide project based services for direct clients (fixed price and time & materials) and provide block contract hours to other consulting firms generally based on deliverable milestones (and we deliver).

Advisory services are generally time & materials that allows our clients to get the expertise and advice they need as they need it.

Expert witness services are case-based and are flexible to adjust to case schedules and will work directly with counsel but also make ourselves available through exchange services.

how can we help you?

Contact us at SICG for a discussion on your needs and how we can help you!

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