company history

Sterling International Consulting Group has been an established consulting firm built on the engineering model where in all of our members and associates provide services in respective areas.

Since our founding in 1984, we’ve been both consultants and advisors to our clients and representing over 50 consulting firms and software vendors like Microsoft Consulting Services and Microsoft itself.

SICG has been a pioneer in multiple technologies ranging from database & master data management, system integration, collaboration systems, information management and document management systems.

  • 1984

    our founding

    Sterling International Consulting Group was initially founded as Every Detail Corporation. An innovative and independent firm, we supported the then Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC) building their Stock Control System and Integrated Material Planning system. A long project, we help DEC recover millions in lost revenue was one of the first companies to implement heavy use of Bar Code systems to control parts and material.

  • 1989

    every detail becomes sterling international

    Completing our successful projects at DEC, the company moved to North Carolina where we became technical advisors and data architects for then Tultex Corporation. In was here we began to move into more complex logistics systems, capitalizing on our vast knowledge of DEC technologies.

  • 1993 - 1999


    SICG became heavily involved in banking and investment systems, helping establish First Union's BETA Brokerage system and later to investment systems at Interstate Johnson/Lane. SICG also became heavily involved in the emerging eCommerce systems, including working with companies like Siebel, Oracle and others.

  • 2000 - 2009

    SICG becomes truly international

    SICG became a primary vendor to United Pan European Communications, providing program management and communications management for the European roll out of iDTV (interactive digital television). Working across multiple countries from our base in Amsterdam, Netherlands, we provided services across all of Europe (UK, Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Austria, Germany) and worked with associate companies across eastern Europe (Poland, Moldova, Romania and even Russian) and became specialists in negotiations across language and cultural differences.

  • 2000

    SICG gets legal

    Along with our vast background in technology, SICG began providing expert witness/legal expert services. Since starting out with cases involving software defects, we've gone on to participate in intellectual property, patents, software piracy, trade secrets and yes, even a few involving SharePoint.

  • 2003

    SICG becomes collaboration experts

    As a part of need for communications across the UPC project, SICG became experts in Microsoft SharePoint. While we knew it well before, we saw the emerging technology as a tool to be used across all industries. Along the way, we worked both domestic and international, helping even Microsoft leverage the technology to enhance communications, collaboration, document management and more.

  • today

    SICG continues innovation

    SICG continues to be a major innovator in the use of collaboration systems, information architect and enterprise architecture and has added governance, business assurance, business continuity planning along with SOA architecture and cloud technologies.

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