Experience Matters

Seems the buzz these days is to find ways that we can socialize business. Over the past few years, businesses have felt they needed to become more like Facebook to adapt to ‘Millennials’ and otherwise people newly joining the workplace.

Many have found that this approach is not really working. While folks will always find someway to waste time, the socialization of a business is a very touchy thing for a number of reasons:

  • Compliance – Social information opens a company up for compliance issues. Information needs to be validated and verified.
  • Inappropriate Information – Some use such platforms for truly social purposes and while some social information is a good thing, such as bringing members of the company together on common interests, it’s also subject to abuse.
  • Time Impacts – Having a social platform to publish common company related information is great, but it does have an impact. Many, especially those new to the workforce, end up spending too much time socializing and not focusing on business.
  • Unused Information – Information is power, unless it goes unused or can’t be shared.

  • We see the socialization as a very good tool to compliment most businesses in providing additional communications methods – even for those social things unrelated to the business, like clubs and even ‘for sale’. However, just putting a tool out there doesn’t mean it will work. Over time we’ve found key ways to implement this approach with proper Governance.

    It’s not child’s play – this is business.