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SharePoint 2016 rollouts and migration planning

SICG’s practice in SharePoint spans many years – we started with it back in 2003. With literally hundreds of deployments under our belts, SICG has the know how to implement and support SharePoint for the long haul. Our seasoned architects not only know the best practices, they write them.

SICG provides advisory (on-going) services, architecture and analysis, development of governance, solutions development, systems integration and migration covering all aspects of SharePoint. In the multitude of deployments, we’ve learned a thing or two about how to do it right:

Our team is small by design: You don’t need an army to deploy SharePoint; in fact that never helps. You need someone to understand the end-goal and help you achieve it, quickly and effectively.

Development only with cause: Many approach SharePoint with developers however we believe in exhausting the capabilities of the platform first.

Understand the constraints: Budgets can be a stranglehold on progress; you need someone that can work with you to fit your constraints in both time and money. Having trouble with getting everyone on board to begin with? SICG can help you with that too.

Matching the Business: Probably most important you need someone that understands your business goals, drivers and risks without needing to know your industry.

So choose from any of our services:

One Hour Consultation – One hour to use as you wish to cover any aspect of SharePoint at a flat rate of $125; if we can’t answer it, we’ll help you find the answer.

Quick Start – A quick but comprehensive review of your environment to ensure you get up on SharePoint quickly.

Cloud Solutions – SICG can help you with determining the best cloud, on-premise or hybrid solution – even moving to Office 365.

Migration Planning – An agreed review of an existing SharePoint environment for the purposes of migration to SP2016; includes review of web parts, customizations, branding, etc.

Architecture Services – SICG will help you plan out your entire implementation, help you on governance planning and get you started in the right direction quickly.

Full Deployment Services – SICG will provide the expertise (and knowledge transfer) in the development of the architecture, governance and planning, business continuity planning, disaster recovery and development.

Advisory Services – On-going services as needed for expanding use, integration of new features, working with third party vendors, process improvements, etc.

Legal Work – SICG has unique experience in legal expert work and discovery; from technical to patents to infringement. And SICG can bring this experience to your law firm as well.

Need our help? Contact us today – use our Contact page or call us direct at 888-847-3679 x702 – +1 (704) 873-8846 x702.

So migrating? Get Started Now

The time to prepare for the upgrade is now – with the releases of the 2012 products (Visual Studio, SQL Server and Windows Server) the window will be tighter than ever. Migration and conversion will have to include multiple aspects:

Branding – Changes in the styles will cause some heartburn for many
Web Parts – Outdated; it will be necessary to look to App solutions to replace
Customizations – Many solutions won’t fit the new model
Data – BCS has changed (for the better); will you be able to leverage it?
Governance – Didn’t do it before? Now is the time to properly implement it. A migration can help you do it right.
Do you know the risk of your particular implementation? Why not talk to the team of experts that have truly implemented SharePoint. We go way back having implemented and migrated between the versions 2001, 2003, 2007, 2010 and now 2016.

Looking to Start Fresh?

Of course, SICG’s services in SharePoint Technologies continue with SharePoint 2016. Whether you are starting a new deployment or will be upgrading or migrating, SICG can still offer you the best services available:

Partner Advisors – Many new Microsoft partners are working to launch their own SharePoint expertise to address rising demand; SICG can assist in the coordination and launching of the practice with the proper approach.

Advisors – Every SharePoint project needs real guidance in the initial planning phase and sometimes from start to finish. SICG can assist at all levels to make sure the effort starts out efficiently and the end goals achieved quickly. Just ask some of our long time clients.

Information Architecture – Our IA is focused on the specific needs of the organization and how they relate to SharePoint. Our approach is to enable clients to get the very most out of the product, extending it only when necessary. This retains the most value within SharePoint, promotes a quick ROI and positions the use of SharePoint for future expansion.

Governance – We design governance around how an organization will best use it. While there are hundreds of ‘models’ out there SICG’s tailored approach guarantees a program that will be sustainable and efficient.

Technical Design and Deployment – Sometimes you need a ‘soup to nuts’ plan or a blend of advice when its needed – SICG can help. We’ve worked with the business side of the organization, developed training programs, implemented the information architecture, and managed complete deployments – several in multiple countries. We cover all types of deployments – on-premise, cloud (personal and public) and hybrid solutions (on-premise/cloud mix).

Solutions Development – We at SICG deeply understand the use of SharePoint as an application platform and can provide custom development of Apps and solutions for your on-premise, cloud and hybrid implementations.

Branding and UI Development – Making SharePoint not look like SharePoint can be an art – we’ve not only developed hundreds of faces for SharePoint, our design partners have the know-how to create a compelling experience.

And that’s not all – think you may need a custom or hybrid solution? SICG can accommodate nearly any need with a program tailored to provide the very best results. Contact our CEO direct at or use our contact page:

Keep up with us on the Offical SharePoint Blog too!

SharePoint Training

SICG offers the very best in training packages customized directly to the need in management, deployment and development. Our programs feature direct “real-world” hands-on excercises and walk throughs in learning how to use SharePoint as a tool and a platform. Our students get the What AND the Why. Our partners also know the difference; Class Trainers & PBTech regularly feature our training in their own programs and instruction provided by us.

And our students get the difference – some direct quotes from a recent training class:

• The instructor was incredibly patient and knowledgable.
• Creating list & libraries was most helpful and I can start applying that today. The exercises and review are very good also.
• [The] Instructor’s combination of indepth knowledge and real-world experience with SharePoint, .net, Visual Studio and other enabling technologies is the strength of this class.
• This is absolutly[sic] the best SharePoint/c# instructor I have ever seen!!!
• AWESOME Training. This course really made a big difference in my understanding of SharePoint 2010 and how I will handle the daily complexities encountered. It helped me to indentify my strong and weak areas in Sharepoint and gave me an approach / framework to master the complex “lifestyle” of Sharepoint development. Will love to have this instructor again!!!